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5 Reasons: Why to stop being a (Hardcore) PC Gamer

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All we will have played sometime a game in PC, from the classic games like Solitaire, Minesweeper, to the more enthusiastic and hardcore games like Crysis, Counter Strike to mention some. Nowadays the games in Flash, or the incomprehensibly addictive games in Facebook like FarmVille, Pet Society.

But it is more probable that the majority of that they played something in PC sometimes, never has touched a console.

As PC Gamer I began with a Commodore 64, with games like Ace of Ace, DigDug, Frogger and other many more.

Continuing my evolution in the PC field, the C64 was followed with a i286, with the astonishing speed of 6mhz , and pressing the single Turbo button boost to an unimaginable speed of 25mhz. My next computer was the 386, then a 486, until finally arrive my Intel Pentium, with more that 60mhz in normal speed, and the incredible lightspeed of 300mhz just by to pressing one button.

The rest already is history… Pentium 2 MMX, som AMDs etc…. and the market of the personal computers began to grow in variety, amount, and to lower the costs, and finally began the reality to be able to have in each house a computer, not like an object of luxury, but already as one you need and tool.

With consoles I began with a Atari 2600, next i got a Family (Famicon), a Nintendo (NES), Sega MegaDrive, Super Nintendo, Playstation 1, Nintendo 64, Playstation 2, and some portable devices like the Original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DSi, PSP.

Until arriving at the present generation, I had first a Nintendo Wii, soon i bought a Playstation 3, and later a Xbox 360, of which I maintain my Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Memories that never are going away to erase, Hours of Pitfall in Atari 2600, countless sessions of Battletoads (I believe that one of the difficult games i ever played), Double Dragon, Mario Bros, Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, Killer Instinct, International Superstar Soccer Deluxe, ISS 64, Zelda: Ocarina of Time (my best one) Mortal Kombat, Tomb Raider, God of War, Pro Evolution Soccer.

But around year 2002 I began rather to be an Hardcore PC Gamer, hours online or LAN with Counter Strike, Battlefield, Warcraft, GTA, Tombraider, Farcry, Crysis etc., I became a PC Hardcore Gamer.

But this article deals with why i stopped to be a PC Hardcore Gamer, and Start to be a Console Hardcore Gamer.

1-Stay updated

In the world of the PC, the speed of the technological development goes to an exponential level. Example, if first a processor I take 10 years in being developed, the following one is developed in 8, and the following one in 4. and so. There is a new piece hardware practically every month, to not to say every week or day.

One buys a brand new PC of High Perfomance, and to the week or month already there is some newer, master, better PC in the market, that double the performance of your PC, is better than yours, and to a year and a half, it is practically obsolete for the requirements of the market that always they pushing forward.


Assemble a PC of high performance is very expensive. If you want to have an up-to-date PC, you must buy all technology of end, thus to be able to reach to the maximum potential of your equipment.

In order to begin, if you are a Hardcore Gamer, you need the last video card in the market. For example, what about a new nVidia GTX 480?

Next, the best processor, memories, without obvious and not less important Mother Board.

Once you build your PC, all that would be a waste of money with a low quality monitor, reason why we will have to acquire a good monitor with HDMI of good size.

Also we Hill need good peripheral like loudspeakers HD, Mouse, keyboards, equipment of liquid refrigeration, etc.

3 – More time in Settings, than playing.

The Settings… configurations. Hours and hours wasted in the Settings just to get one more Fps.

Hours with the OC to reach one more Megahertz in the CPU or GPU.

Lot of time editing .cfg files or testing commands on the game console.

Tens of different Mods downloades from the Web, tested only little minutes, to go to download other Mod to test is again just a litle time. In the end you end up spending a lot of time, than playing the game.

4-Prefer the Equality

The incredible diversity of hardware that there is in the world of the PC is unimaginable. It is why not even two “equal” PC with same configurations and pieces are not “equal”..

In games like Conter Strike, or other FPS, if I have a normal PC, I am disadvantaged respect to a gamer who has a PC with the last video card, the best monitor LCD, the best Mouse, etc. and not even is necessary that has “the best one”, they just can have something better than i. It is not EQUAL if i play at 30 Fps, with a resolution of 1024x768, and another person is playing with 120Fps, to a resolution of 1080p.

In the PC games, there is no equality, no standar. And nowadays there are a lot of competitive games played Online, somebody with a 10$ keyboard playing WoW is in clear disadvantage that it has a keyboard Logitech G15


This is relative, because nowadays is possible to have a PC as a console in the living room, but is not his natural environment. Lol.

This is the main reason why a leave the Hardcore PC World. Normally you have a PC in your desk, therefore you have to spend hours seated while you play. If you do not have a good keyboard or Mouse, this becomes something uncomfortable, beging pains in joints, fatigue of the view to be near the monitor, etc.

With a console everything is more easy and fase. Arrive at your house, got a pair of beers of the freezer, drop you in a couch like a potatoe, turn on the console, the TV, put the disc and play. More configurations do not exist than the basic ones of any console game.

No more configurations, no more “upgrades”, no more “i want one more FPS”, no more stay seated like in the office, no more. I just wanna play.

And these are the 5 reasons of why i stops being a PC Hardcore Gamer.

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